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One huge problem for English as a Second Language students coming to the U.S. universities from Japan, Korea and many other non-western countries is the inability to master an essential skill, writing academic essays. Those who don't master such skills often have to take a remedial writing course, which costs thousands of dollars and often has nothing to do with the students' majors.

Some students have resorted to using online essay-writing services, but a crackdown has begun, with international students losing credit and in some cases have their degrees revoked. Despite the claims by these sites that the essays as "plagiarism-free," the fact that somebody else wrote your essay constitutes plagiarism, and offense that can get a student blackballed from all western universities.

EssayMaps's goal is to eliminate these problems by describing, in detail, the structure of various academic essays. If you can write an English sentence, you can write a paragraph. If you can write a paragraph, you can write an essay. If you can learn the structure of, say, a five-sentence cause-and-effect paragraph you can expand that into a cause-and-effect essay.

Designed by ESL writing instructors, including a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, EssayMaps is based on the Hamburger Paragraph used in many top American schools. If you don't know anything about the Hamburger Paragraph, click HERE. Understanding the structure is key to using EssayMaps. Using these techniques, you can become an Essay Master.

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